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February 22, 2012 / Christie Ray Harrison

Street Child Project: Making a Difference in Uganda with Art

Street Child Project

The Street Child Project is an organization whose vision, in their own words, is “to see the street children of Uganda transformed and empowered to become agents of social change in their communities.” Art is the means of achieving this transformation. Founded in December 2008, Street Child Project is focused on the children of Uganda. It seeks to empower them by encouraging creative expression, providing them with a stable environment, and giving them access to education and new skills that will help them each child reach his or her full potential. One of the main ways Street Child Project does this is through their boys centre, a safe home where former street children are cared for, encouraged, supported, and provided with opportunities to be creative. The organization recently started the 12 Campaign, a movement that allows people to be involved in the mission of Street Child Project by contributing $12 per month, money that goes towards the cost of their NewstART Centre, food and clean water, staff salaries, medical care, and other small expenses. People who want to be directly involved with Street Child Project’s work in Uganda can also opt to financially support a child with a $30 donation each month. Sponsoring a child pays for his education – tuition, books, expenses, uniforms, school lunches, etc. Sponsors receive information, letters, and photos from children they sponsor so that they can be connected to the children’s lives in Uganda.


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