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March 13, 2012 / Christie Ray Harrison

Silent Images: Telling Stories of Hope

Mobilizing professional photographers to serve others. Raising awareness about persecution and poverty around the globe. Giving back to people in need. These are three of the main goals of Silent Images, a non-profit organization based in North Carolina that communicates stories of hope through journalistic photography, videography, and writing. The organization strives to be a “voice for the voiceless around the world.” Silent Images’ team of photographers, videographers, and designers makes it their goal to tell stories that portray the hope and beauty that exists in oppressed and persecuted communities worldwide.

David Johnson, the founder and president of Silent Images, travels around the country speaking at churches, schools, and community groups to raise awareness about poverty and conflict in other areas of the world where he has traveled and taken pictures. He has documented the lives of the oppressed in countries such as Darfur, Sudan, Uganda, South Africa, China, Cambodia and others, and shares the images with people in the U.S. to educate and raise awareness. David has two books, Voices of Sudan and Voice of Beauty, which feature his images of women and girls in developing countries. He believes that their beauty and strength shows through in moments of oppression and persecution, and his images strive to portray their dignity in these moments. All profits from the books go to provide women and children in Africa with microloans and education.

To keep up with Silent Images’ work, you can read the Silent Images Blog and follow the organization on Twitter. Videos produced by Silent Images can be viewed on their YouTube channel. The organization’s video below features some of its photography:


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