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April 4, 2012 / Christie Ray Harrison

Musicians on Call: Bringing Joy to the Sick

Musicians on Call, formed in 1999 by Michael Solomon and Vivek Tiwary, is an organization that believes in the healing power of music. MOC’s Bedside Performance Program brings volunteer artists to perform for those in hospitals and healthcare facilities who can’t leave their rooms or are undergoing various medical treatments. Through MOC, patients are able to enjoy live musical performances without having to leave their hospital rooms. In this way, MOC seeks to bring entertainment and joy in what can sometimes be a discouraging environment. The organization screens and trains artists to perform for patients, and sets them up with different healthcare facilities. To date, 275,000 patients and their families have been able to experience the gift of music because of the efforts of Musicians on Call. The non-profit has continued to grow since its founding, and now has branches or local chapters in New York, Nashville, Philadelphia, Miami, and Washington, D.C. Musicians on Call has regularly scheduled performances at a wide range of hospitals and healthcare facilities in cities around the country.

Musicians on Call also maintains a “CD Pharmacy,” complete CD libraries and CD players that hospitals and patients can use for free, and has a program called “Project Playback,” which helps patients record and produce their own melodies. MOC also regularly holds benefit concerts featuring popular artists, volunteer musician spotlight nights, and other events to raise money for their local branches. The video above explains a little bit more about the purpose of MOC and shows the organization in action.



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